Why Alaska Peony Cooperative?

July and August

Our farms are located in the heart of Alaska's oldest farming region, where endless summer days and fertile soil come together to produce Alaska's signature large blooms and highly saturated colors. The world's most beautiful peonies are available from Alaska during the months of July and August.


Guaranteed Premium Peonies

Our member-farms prioritize quality by allowing their peony plants to mature to an average of 3-5 years before the first commercial stem is ever harvested. Ordering directly from a farmers cooperative means your flowers go through fewer hands and arrive in peak condition, shortly after being cut from our fields.


Priority Overnight Shipping

Each peony stem is hand harvested and immediately chilled, sorted and carefully packaged for shipping in our farm-based packing facility. We have partnered with UPS to secure reduced shipping rates and ensure our peonies can be delivered straight to your door within 24 hours of leaving our farm.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Those peonies…..OMG! They were AMAZING! I can not wait to get photos back to send to you guys. The brides were beyond thrilled, and guests and random people where honestly floored, even I was floored. I have used 1000’s of peonies before but these were extra special, and they smelled so AMAZING…really at least 100 people commented on the scent not to mention it filled both venue spaces this weekend. I wish I could hug you! lol!"

-Justine, New England

“I had the absolute pleasure of stumbling upon Alaska Peony Cooperative when an August bride had her heart set on peony. Martha with Alaska Peony Cooperative has been nothing short of amazing to work with and the blooms that came from their farmers were breathtaking. Every last one of them. Thank you, Alaska Farmers, for sharing your passion and love for these fluffy gems with us down here in the Lower 48.”

-Andrea, Illinois

“A big thank you to Martha at the Alaska Peony Coop for sending me the most beautiful and fresh pink peonies for my wedding! Exceptional customer service and very trust-worthy seller. Highly recommended!”

–Etsy Customer, Oregon

“Oh em gee…I wish every day was ALASKA PEONY DAY! Thank you Alaska Peony Cooperative for sending the most perfect flowers ever!!”

- Tiffany, Iowa

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