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10 Reasons Why Peonies Are The Perfect Wedding Flower

Peonies have won the hearts of people around the world and symbolize many different things culturally, depending on the country. But one tradition shared globally is the love of  peonies for wedding celebrations. Here are 10 reasons why this unstoppable flower experiences such universal appeal.

  • Peonies are a wedding tradition that never goes out of style. Peonies are a traditional symbol of love, happiness and a joyful marriage, making them a much-loved wedding flower the world over. 
Image by Blueberry Hill Photography
  • Peonies come in a wide variety of colors from white to blush, pink, coral, fuchsia and red.  There is a color to complement and enhance any bridal theme.
  • American grown peonies are readily available during the peak wedding months, from May to August. Flowers at the height of freshness will always look and perform the best at an event.  If someone tells you peonies aren’t available for July or August weddings, just let them know that Alaska Peony Cooperative has the perfect peonies for mid-and-late summer events! 
Florals by Emily Kaye Floral Atelier, Image by Abigail Lewis Photography
  • The best wedding flowers and fresh décor hold their beauty throughout the entire event, not just for pictures or when guests arrive. Many flowers can not withstand the summer heat for very long, but peonies continue to look beautiful for hours in bouquets, vases, arrangements, and bouts. Peonies are so hardy that even in the sun they will give you beautiful results throughout the day.
Florals by Lauren Genovesi
  • Peonies come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all of your wedding floral design needs: premium size for bouquets and table arrangements and petites for cakes, corsages and boutonnieres.  Use them throughout your event.  No one has ever said there were too many peonies at a wedding!
Floral by Emily Kaye Floral Atelier, Image by Abigail Lewis Photography, Silk Ribbon by Tinted Studio, Laura Lines Calligraphy, The Copper Quail
  • Peony petals are non-toxic so you can add them to your cake decor!  The blooms provide an unforgettable statement on your cake and peony petals can carry your wedding theme onto serving trays. (note: make sure your peony supplier does not spray the peonies with anything before placing them on edible items.)
Image by Blueberry Hill Photography
  • Peonies smell amazing and can create lasting memories for your senses. Memories are made by the things we see and by what we smell. Some peony varieties provide more fragrance than others so if you’re going for the full-fragrance experience of peonies, ask your florist (or flower farmer!) for their recommendations. If only we could share their sweet perfume with you virtually, it is intoxicating!
  •  Peonies are perfect for DIY weddings.   You don’t need to be a florist or have special floral supplies, tools, or know-how to create something beautiful.  Just cut your peony stems to the length you want and put them together for a gorgeous bouquet. Place a few peonies in a vase for a complete arrangement, they command attention all by themselves.  Peonies also combine beautifully with other flowers and foliage, so consider adding some greenery and maybe a few other flowers from your yard, and you will have an economical and attractive statement arrangement in no time.
Image provided by Breanna Peterson Photography
  • Photographers will love using peonies in creative and memorable wedding photos.  Peonies photograph beautifully adding depth and subtle texture to wedding pictures.  Photographers will love to have so many options for highlighting your wedding moments accentuated by peonies. From close-up photos to pictures of the bridal bouquet, peonies will honor the special event memorably in photographs.
Image by Blueberry Hill Photography
  • Perhaps the best reason that peonies are the perfect wedding flower is that brides and grooms love them. The couple should feel like their wedding day symbolizes their love and is memorable for themselves as well as for family and friends who witness the special event.  Make the event extra special with peonies. The colors, the natural beauty, the scent and the symbolism of peonies all provide a perfect statement for every beautiful wedding.
Florals by Tassie Tagarelli

Find hundreds of inspirational photos of peony bouquets on our Pinterest page. Also, check out our website for photos of arrangements designed by DIY brides, which were created from some of the specialty boxes available here. We have four different boxes that are specifically designed with the DIY bride in mind. Each box includes assorted sizes of flowers in your choice of color from just 20-stems to 100-stem packages. Best of all, each specialty box includes free shipping. Happy designing! 

-Written by the member-farms of the Alaska Peony Cooperative

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