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Our Premium Peonies

Blush Peonies

All stems are $6.00 each for all sizes and colors.
We ship only the largest bud sizes ranging from 1.5" to 1.75" in diameter on 18" long stems. Buds will bloom to about 6" to 8"+ when fully open.
For floral design and wholesale customers please contact us for custom price discounts.

Shirley Temple Peony
Shirley Temple

Large soft bloom that fades from pink to a soft baby pink as it fully opens.

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My Love Peony
My Love

Large, full bloom ranging from soft pink to a mother-of-pearl white with a light fragrance. A gorgeous, romantic flower.

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Immaculee Peony

A unique bowl-shaped, white bloom, with a splash of red in the center on the seed pods. Blush in bud form, but fades to white as it opens.

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Pecher Peony

Soft pink fading to a light blush as it fully opens. Semi-double shape with the scent of expensive French perfume.

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Premium Alaska Peony Varieties

Each stem is hand harvested and immediately chilled before being graded and carefully packaged for shipping. We ship overnight to your door, and make available a variety of quantities per box in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients.



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